Free internet in Uganda

Provided by Gerald

What You Need

  1. A Ugandan Sim card (Airtel Uganda preferred)
  2. Android Smart phone (andoid version 6.0 and above
  3. Droid Vpn installed click here to Download and install



After You have successfully installed DroidVpn , Configure as follows though the steps may defer by OEM(phone brand) but they are almost similar on all Androids

  1. Open Settings>Battery>advanced settings>battery optimisation> chose Droid VPN from apps and then set dont optimise (ignore), This stops an app from being closed when you open other apps

  2. Now create a free account to Use. Click here to register/signup Enter Username, email and password. please note them down.
    Now open your Email and confirm/activate your account, if you dont see email, check in your all email/spam/junk folder of your email.

  3. Open Droid VPN>Click on menu(3lines)>Account>Enter the username and password you chose in above step and save

  4. Go back to menu and touch on settings>>UDP settings>>enter the following
    1. Remote Port: 53
    2. Local Port:80
    3. Auto Port Scan :OFF(toggle to the switch to untick)
    4. UDP connection Mode : Chose "MODE 1"
    5. UDP mode 1 Settings:
      • TCount:5000
      • RCount:4

  5. Go back to Settings>>ICMP Settings
    • Chose ICMP Mode: Static Seq Number

  6. Go back to settings>>VPN Settings>>
    • Run As Root :OFF
    • Use VpnService Api: OFF
    • Enable Compression:ON
    • ByPass VPN for Local Networks:ON
    • Tunnel MTU Size: 1024

    • Optional Settings
      • Auto minimise:ON
      • Auto Connect VPN:OFF
      • Auto reconnect: ON
      • Auto connect/reconecton :Mobile
      • Enable MTU Scan: Off

  7. The setiings here are for UDP only so always make sure on app UDP is the one selected

  8. Go back to home >>Select the server and click start, make sure your Phone Internet connection switch is ON

  9. When it connects, and shows stop, Go back to main Menu and Click on Update servers

  10. Now You will always need to click on connect, when its connected it shows stop on circle button and minimises itself
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